Alcade and trainings

We provide 2 types of training :
Business training can be at any level if there's requirement or need. We have a large trainings panel around our mastered skills and where we can provide some method, vision and confidence to those who need it. Global subjects list is fixed but we adapt our examples to our clients job.
Software training intervene during an integration solution. A software will be installed and we'll work with the client using the tool. We find important to make these people autonomous on main functionalities of the tool they are interested in. So we plan a basic training then a second training directly using customer cases.
Internal training role is to make our consultants progress : enlarge their knowledge scope so that they can work in an identified and known environment.
Our consultants in Project control that includes Planning, Cost & Doc so have a basic training on other business poles.

Our consultants experts in Management systems will be able to intervene on process management as well as dashboards.