Document Control - A2DMS
Document Control - A2DMS

This document control solution is adapted to an internal organization need as well as projects :
It includes :
- Analysis of the current tools and methods, allowing to understand client specifics & contraints.
- Consulting in document Control that will be formalized with suggestions to set a good doc management method.
- Integration of the chosen methods, with the redaction and issuance of procedures and support to documents templates creation.
- A2DMS EDMS integration. This tool centralize documents and related information, available to whom needing and where needed.
- Training to the software and awareness to methods.
- Human ressources needed to manage documents, both at management & operational levels.
A2DMS is a business software made directly on engineering projects which have an important workflows problematic (document validation before construction, etc...). It has the functionalities required by this type of job :
A register-oriented document information structure. Data management features are recorded as well. This concept has brought A2DMS to its success among engineers using it. Documentation is organized like their work logic.
Client server architecture for a worldwide use adapted to the need of documents availability on distant sites, especially construction sites. this functionnality answers to a fundamental EDMS need of documents providing to every user who has right to access.
Standard workflows management to optimize treatment time and quality. by dividing documentation in registers, we identify workflows inherent to its document type then dematerialize these processes to improve process management efficiency. Manual tasks is so reduced and becomes control, the job basics.
Whole information and documents full traceability to get a follow-up quality and to capitalize information for next projects. This traceability answers to quality/client claims as well as client steering purposes. this brings back to our performance management skills allowing an efficient vendor & client expediting from documents issue milestones.
Access to the document control proposal