Business Process Management - QPR
Business Process Management - QPR

Performance management includes several steps 2 of which are :
- Establishing performance through analysis, optimization and mapping of business processes.
- Establishing performance follow-up means through dashboards linked to processes.
QPR Suite is a global performance management software with both business processes management and prospective dashboards.


Business Process Management consists in dividing and structuring an activity in several processes, giving ability to get an unique referential and optimizing methods. We include in this solution :

- Business Audit to client methods so that we can adapt to our customers job & specifics.

Consulting to reach client & mission objectives. We work on processes definition and organization then provide suggestions for improvement.


QPR Process Guide software installation. This tool is then used to design, map and communicate business processes.


Training to software and methods so that our client is autonomous and our solution sustainable. It happens during QPR integration so that everyone can take advantage of QPR.

- Change care is an important phase during any software & management system implementation. We stay close to the client to overcome the many implications of a major change.
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QPR answers to this business aspect with efficiency :


A powerful process mapping module that uses current process design standards : Process Guide.

- Processes are designed fast thanks to great availability of the recurrent functionalities.

- Process structure is made easy thanks to an intuitive interface allowing finally to create (and modify) processes in min time.

- The module has a versioning system to keep process history.

- Process Guide includes a simulation tool increase process analysis capabilities.


client server architecture for a better IT exploitation. QPR is fast to install on Windows OS and with flexibility, requiring a dedicated database it will entirely manage by QPR. Consultation is through a Web browser and processes/dashboards design is provided by users with QPR application installed.


Web Portal with community features for a better information sharing. Users have access to central business processes for a unique referential. Methods are available to all, for efficiency and welcoming newcomers.


A powerful dashboard designer adapted to Balanced Scorecard theory. Indicators are easy to create, organize, modify and copy. Scoring method and correlation links are directly included in the module.

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